Fall is in full swing here in Seattle and I couldn't be more excited. Having had a rather eventful summer, I am ready to slow down and settle back into a routine. And there is no better place to start than on this sleepy little island a few hours north o f Seattle. This weekend I am visiting the boyfriend's parents on Lummi Island and it couldn't have come at a better time. Something about this place re-energizes me and gets my creative juices flowing. There is so much silence. Real silence; the kind that allows you to hear your thoughts. The hustle and bustle of the city is my drug and silence is nature's detox for my mind and soul. 
This summer I began my journey as a minimalist and started building my first capsule wardrobe. You can read more about it in this post. Now that summer is over, I've started unpacking my warm weather clothing from storage and out came this oversized flannel. I've remixed it here with a white tank transitioned from my summer wardrobe and jeans & booties purchased for my fall capsule. You can also see how I stylized this flannel almost 2 years ago here! Yay for recycling staple pieces!

Flannel - Nasty Gal (similar here)
Tank - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Booties - Nordstrom Rack

Hope you lovelies are having an rejuvenating and relaxing weekend! xxx



Greece has always been on the top of my travel list because of it's unique whitewashed walls and bright blue rooftops. I love all white themes with pops of color.

Some fun facts about Mykonos:

1. There are not very many taxis on the island. AT ALL. I would recommend renting a car or ATV to get around. We opted for the car for the safety factor.

2. In the winter, it snows in Mykonos.. sometimes. Crazy right?? Imagine this beautiful little Cycladic island covered in snow.

3. Locals tend to cut tourists off on the road.. (with good reason because we tend to drive a lot slower) and it is extremely rude to honk. Be prepared to get the middle finger if you do. :)

4. Renting a car is very easy! Just remember to put on the E-brake so it doesn't roll off a cliff. Seriously though. There is no "park" function.

5. DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER. According to our host "you will die". Ok probably not - but you don't want to spend the entire trip on the toilet.

6. Meats, cheeses and olives are a regular part of breakfast! and lunch.. and dinner.. and with wine.. basically anytime. I need this to be my life.

7. SPF 6 exists there. So if you get sunburned easily and need a little more protection bring a GENEROUS supply of sunblock.. It was hard for us to find anything higher than SPF 40. 

We stayed at the Mykonos Star on the Northeast part of the island and there was a beautiful little secluded beach just below.

What I wouldn't give to have breakfast with this view every day!

I'm glad we stayed at a hotel outside of Mykonos Town for the peace and serenity. However, this cute little town is definitely worth exploring. I couldn't get enough of these picture perfect cobblestone streets.

The second night there I had a bad case of jet lag and slept for about 2 hours total. At 6am we decided to make the most out of it and drove out to see the sunrise.



Hi Babes! It is a Sunday night and I just got back from a lovely wedding on Lummi Island this weekend. This summer has been full of beautiful weddings but this one was particularly unique because we were hit with a storm on the day of. There were power outages all over Washington, including where I was staying. The wedding had to be moved indoors just a few hours prior to the ceremony - talk about stressful!! But the bride and groom handled it with grace and it turned out to be an absolutely wonderful night. As the father of the groom put it, in marriage there will be sun and storms. How you both handle the adversities you'll face together is what makes a marriage.  

I never know what to wear to weddings since my everyday wardrobe consists of neutrals and blacks/whites. There are also so many rules! Obviously don't wear white... but apparently red can be frowned upon as well.. Totally depends on the weddings and venue. 

Since many summer weddings are held outdoors, I've been sticking to bright colored coral dresses. These wedges have also totally saved my feet - I was dancing in them for hours last night!

This cute shift dress is from Nordstrom. I love it because it can double as a work dress (which is how I am wearing it here). For the wedding all I did was throw on a light trench coat and changed up the purse.

Photos by the gorgeous Kim Nguyen of Hello Kim Win. She has been doing a black and white outfit series lately and they are ON POINT so if you love neutrals as much as I do, go check out her blog!

Dress - Nordstrom
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack
Wedges - Macy's
Bag - Madewell



Summer 2015 is going by way too fast! It has been a busy & fun one filled with weddings, birthdays, hiking and wine drinking. In Seattle we only get sun 3 months out of the year so when it's here I often feel like I have to fill my days with outdoor activities and social gatherings. Not to mention, air con is rare so most of the time I'm looking for an excuse to get out of my sweltering apartment.

Even though summer is coming to an end, I thought I'd share a few things that could not have survived without this season.


The first is this amazing planner from my sister (best birthday gift ever!) called the Day Designer. It was love at fist sight. Seriously, the packaging was even gorgeous.

In college I was a HUGE planner nerd but for some reason it did not make it into my daily post-graduate life. I guess I had always equated planners with being in school so I missed out on what could have been a couple of highly organized years.

If you love to-do lists and mapping out your day, this planner is perfect. It has saved me from going insane this month with all of the meetings and events on my calendar, as well as planning my trip to Europe next month. Before this I was living off of the tiny calendar on my iPhone, which did not give me a big picture of everything I had going on. And it's true what they say, writing down your goals does help you envision and achieve them.

Whitney English Day Designer Review


I don't know how I hadn't discovered this magical place until now. I've been in before and have tried their bath bombs, which are great but they definitely have MUCH more to offer. With the heat and humidity in the summertime, I try to go light on the make-up so my skin can breath. After trying the lush facial masks I will never use another. They are super affordable and ALL NATURAL. Amazing right??

My favorites are the BB Seaweed and Don't Look At Me masks. Both are super moisturizing and leaves your skin glowing. No foundation needed afterwards. I also love their Ocean Salt and Body Scrub. They are not kidding about the "scrub" part - my skin always feels so smooth after using it!


I'm not a big fan of heels but I am obsessed with wedges. They give me the added height I need without murdering my feet. I can wear them to weddings, work and vaca no problem. The chunky heel is also very slimming for your legs don't you agree?

I was looking for the perfect pair of nude summer wedges when I came across these Michael Kors ones. They are PERFECTION. However, everywhere I looked they were sold out of my size. Then one day after I had decided to give up on my search a pair magically appeared at Macy's! It was meant to be. And she lived happily ever after... 

P.S. I am eyeing these for the fall!

Michael Kors Damita Wedge


They are actually one of my favorite fruits all year round because of it's versatility. I can use it for cooking, infusing my water, even baths! Yes, baths. I like to slice a few lemons and add them to my bath. It is a great for exfoliating and smells wonderful. They are also a great way to detox your body and help with breakouts. Don't believe me? Try it!



I love the shape of this crop top, however it showed a little too much mid-section for my taste. Next time I'll probably rock it with a high-wasted skirt instead, but I decided to post these anyways. After all fashion is about about trying something new and deciding if it's for you or not.

I feel the need to talk about these $15 sunnies that I've been wearing ALL THE TIME. I own a few pairs of designer sunglasses, but forgot to bring any on a trip to Houston last year. I also happened to forget my entire makeup bag.. GASP! Every girl's worst nightmare right?? Well I didn't want to drop a couple hundred dollars on sunglasses and new makeup so I headed to the local Target and that is where I bought these. 

I love them because they look chic and I don't have to worry about carrying a separate case around to protect them. They usually just get shoved in my over-sized bag somewhere - just one less thing to waste energy on. So I may seriously consider never buying designer sunnies again.. well never say never.. but I'll definitely think twice.

Also I am loving these earrings from RocksBox this month! For those of you who are not familiar with RocksBox, it is a jewelry subscription service. More about this in my next blog post! For now if you'd like to try it out for FREE, sign up with my code: maryqxoxo

Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Booties: Clarks
Earrings: RocksBox 
(Use my code maryqxoxo to get a free month's worth of RocksBox!)